• Travel
  • An Escape to Bali

    The travel bug has bitten me. I am the happiest when I am on the move. This summer, the urge to explore yet another  new destination took over me. As I began to look for options I came across this 6 day trip to Bali interestingly called “Eat, Chill and Spa in Bali”. This was […]

  • Food
  • Onion pakoras

      Onion pakoras Feeling hungry? Make these in a jiffy. Ingredients 1 cup besan 1 cup sliced onions 1 green chilli finely chopped Some chopped coriander Salt to taste 1/4 tsp jeera Little water Oil for frying Method Make a thick batter using all ingredients except oil. Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan and […]

  • Health
  • Swasth haath, Savlon ke Saath!

    Recently I came across an interesting video about Savlon’s CSR towards children’s hygiene. Since hygiene is a topic very close to my heart, I was really impressed with this unique innovation of Savlon where they have incorporated soap into chalk sticks. Children who use slates and chalks in schools invariably have their hands covered in […]

  • Musings
  • What’s apping???

    Have we completely lost it? Have we become brain dead? Or demented? Or morons? How can we read, share, forward, copy, paste, read, send, forward…….the same jokes, stories, anecdotes over and over and over, again and again and again? I am into a lot of WhatsApp groups and I am sure everybody else is, too. […]

  • Life
  • A Spiritual interlude

      I had never imagined that I would ever attend a “Kumbh Mela” in my life. It is not because I am not a spiritual person, but because I generally dislike crowds and crowded places. For the uninitiated, the Kumbh mela is held at four places in India, namely, Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik and Ujjain. According […]

  • Health
  • What’s in my handbag?

    A friend of mine had been complaining of pain in her shoulder very often. As she was post-menopausal, she thought this had something to do with osteoporosis and so started taking calcium supplements. When this did not help she decided to go to the doctor and have the problem investigated. After a series of tests, […]

  • Food
  • A Fruity Tip

    Strawberries Did you know that the red, juicy, conical fruit is a member of the rose family and the only fruit which has seeds on the outside? A rich source of vitamin C and Manganese, the strawberries can be eaten raw as well as added to a number of desserts. But the strawberry is a […]