The Secret to Being Beautiful

Looking beautiful is every woman’s prime concern. Beauty, in the true sense, is more than just skin-deep; it is much more than just clothes, hairstyles and makeup. It is meaningless to focus on your external beauty alone—instead, turn inwards and confront the endless beauty within you. The secret to true beauty lies in blending your inner self with your outer self, for that perfect balance of mind, body and soul.


Beauty is the product of general good health of your mind and body, and the care of your physical self. It is important to incorporate the right eating and lifestyle habits. This will not only make you beautiful today but will also ensure that you age gracefully.

Always remember that your outer beauty is a reflection of you inner emotional and mental state. You will look beautiful on the outside when you are relaxed, peaceful and calm on the inside. For this it is important to be positive in life. Learn to love and accept yourself the way you are.

It is important to follow a regulated lifestyle, eating the right food at the right time, exercising, developing healthy habits, practicing meditation and yoga and maintaining purity of mind and soul. By doing so we will keep our bodies free of toxins which in turn will keep illness and diseases at bay.

It is important to cook ourselves fresh and warm, nourishing meals. Making do with food that is cold, microwaved, preserved, stale, or left over is not a very healthy option.

We travel in cars and buses, inhaling polluted air all day, enduring sound decibels well beyond permissible levels; we work in artificially lighted and air-conditioned spaces. We practically live off fast foods, carbonated and caffeinated drinks, sleeping pills and blurry television images.

No wonder our body systems are imbalanced and our lives are increasingly going off gear-dangerously veering towards unbearable limits of stress and strain, heart problems, depression and various other diseases.

So, let us make a conscious effort to live healthy because ladies that is what is going to make you and your loved ones beautiful!

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