Cooking hacks for working women


Women with a full time job are not able to give too much time to preparing meals for the family. By the time they get back from work, either it is too late or they are too spent to be able to put a complete meal on the table.

This could become a problem as these days, dinner is the only decent meal that the family sits down to, as lunch is normally a meal on the go or a packed lunch box. So it becomes important that dinner be one hot nourishing freshly prepared meal of the day.

Here are are a few time saving cooking hacks as well as do-it-and-keep ideas that you can resort to. These will help you rustle up a meal faster. All you need is a little bit of preparation and planning.

1. Do your grocery, vegetable and meat shopping over the weekend. Buy enough supplies to last you a week so that you never run out of an ingredient. Cooking becomes easy when you have all the ingredients at hand.

2. Clean the leafy vegetables and store them in neat packets for easy access.

3. Divide the meat into one time portions and store separately so that it becomes easy to thaw and use.

4. Veggies that take a lot of time to chop can be chopped beforehand and stored in airtight boxes.

5. You can chop onions and brown them and then store small quantities which are enough to make one time gravies, in small containers. Use these browned onions to make a curry in minutes.

6. Always keep a few cartons of tomato purée at hand for that one time when you are really pressed for time.

7. Keep idli- dosa ready made batter in the fridge.

8. For a quick coconut chutney, mix some curd to desiccated coconut and add a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves.

9. Grind together enough ginger and garlic to last you for a week and store in fridge. Just add a teaspoon to any gravy to enhance the taste.

10. Make a green chutney using coriander and mint and store in the fridge. Besides being healthy, it also adds a zing to an otherwise boring meal.

11. You can add some of this chutney to beaten curd to make mint raita in a jiffy.

12. Make some sugar syrup and keep it handy. You can use this to make fruit shakes and cold coffee faster as otherwise dissolving sugar in something cold takes longer.

13. Plan your meals from Monday through Friday. Sometimes more time is spent on deciding what to cook than the actual cooking itself.

14. Use leftover veggies for paratha stuffing.

15. If you have leftover dal, add wheat flour, salt, chilli powder and ajwain to it and make paranthas.

Use these simple tips to save time and make cooking easy and stress free!!!

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