Swasth haath, Savlon ke Saath!


Recently I came across an interesting video about Savlon’s CSR towards children’s hygiene. Since hygiene is a topic very close to my heart, I was really impressed with this unique innovation of Savlon where they have incorporated soap into chalk sticks.

Children who use slates and chalks in schools invariably have their hands covered in chalk dust. Come lunch time and these hungry souls start eating their food with just a cursory washing of their hands with water. To train them in using soap each time is an ordeal. Being a mother I am well aware that making children do the right thing sometimes is so difficult.
Bringing about any kind of behavioural change in children is an uphill task. To motivate young children to adopt healthy hygiene habits is really challenging. The process of communication and education has to be fun and engaging. Children have to be mentored through joyful learning and play way methods.

Savlon has addressed this very need through their brilliant concept of incorporating soap into chalk sticks. Each time a child washes his hands with water, the chalk residue on his hands turns into lather and makes his hands squeaky clean! The chalk dust forming lather on washing with water is a unique experience that engages children and educates them on the importance of cleaning with cleansers.

As we all know, a lot of young children suffer from common infectious diseases like diarrhoea, common cold, influenza, skin and eye ailments, among others, due to poor hygiene. In school, in the course of the day, children touch many things and surfaces, thus picking up a lot of unwanted germs and bacteria. Most school children in the rural interiors have very low awareness about personal cleanliness.

Healthy practices like regular hand washing with soap is one of the most effective preventive measures that one can inculcate in children to ensure their good health. Hand hygiene is a critical issue.

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Savlon’s unique Chalk Sticks is a first of its kind initiative, in a series of on ground activities being undertaken by Savlon Swasth India Mission.

As a mother I realise the importance of keeping children healthy and disease free, and for this reason I really appreciate Savlon’s initiative in this direction.

The Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks are indeed a simple, yet effective innovation that will ensure that children in schools all across India keep away from diseases and enjoy a happy and healthy childhood. Their health is finally in safe hands….their own hands!

Children are the future of our country so come let us make them healthier to make our country stronger!!!


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