What’s in my handbag?


A friend of mine had been complaining of pain in her shoulder very often. As she was post-menopausal, she thought this had something to do with osteoporosis and so started taking calcium supplements. When this did not help she decided to go to the doctor and have the problem investigated. After a series of tests, the doctor concluded that everything was normal with her and sent her her packing after prescribing a few vitamins and minerals. But her pain still persisted.

Once when I was out shopping with her, she asked me to hold her handbag for a couple of minutes. When she handed me her bag I was in for a shock. Her handbag weighed a ton!   And she carried this on her shoulder every single day. The shoulder straps of her heavy handbag were probably pressing some nerve on her shoulder and causing her the nagging pain. I told her about my hunch and she was surprised she hadn’t thought of the connection herself.

Soon we stopped for coffee at a small cafe. I wanted to know what made her bag so heavy so I made her empty out the contents on the table.  Out came a thick wallet with all her money which included a lot of loose change. Then there was a clipper which had all her credit cards, a huge bunch of  keys, a couple of lipsticks, a lipgloss, a hairbrush, safety pins, a small mirror, a hand sanitizer, sunglasses, a strip of aspirin, some mints, a pen, a cheque book, a foldable shopping bag…………things that a lot of us carry in our handbags.

But what took the cake was a folding umbrella, a bottle opener and a screwdriver set! A screwdriver set for Gods sake? Who carries that in a handbag? No wonder her handbag was giving her a  pain in the shoulder!

She has stopped carrying these things in her bag since then and her bag is a lot lighter now. Her pain, too, has subsided.

So ladies, just check out the contents of your handbag and make sure that you are not carrying a lot of unnecessary weight.


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