Just a Plain Housewife!


Wikipedia describes a housewife  “as a woman whose main occupation is running or managing the family’s home-caring for and educating her children, cooking and storing food, buying goods the family needs in day to day life, cleaning and maintaining the home, making clothes for the family, etc.-and who is generally not employed outside the home”.

The word “housewife” conjures up an image of a woman in a well-worn housecoat, with her hair carelessly knotted into a bun, hurrying from one chore to another, while all the time her eyes are on the steadily moving hands of the clock. 

Her job is a full time job with unlimited hours, undefined nature of work and frequent overtimes when guests arrive or when there is some sickness or emergency in the family.

She is adept at multitasking, playing the roles of a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, cook, nurse, housekeeper, governess, account-keeper, time-keeper, hostess, etc.

She gets no salary but her work cannot be equated in terms of money. Her payment comes in the form of appreciation from her husband for a meal well cooked or the look of happiness on her children’s faces. She takes pride in her house. Everything she does for it is her contribution to the family just as her husband contributes by providing for the family. She works selflessly for her family, at times, sacrificing her own comforts and pleasures. For her, home and family take top priority. She is the focal point of her family. She is responsible for the overall  happiness, health and well-being of her family. Her work is no less important than that of a career woman working in a high profile job.

So woman, next time when someone says to you, ‘’Oh, you are just a housewife”, turn around and say “No I am a proud homemaker!”

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