From the Diary of an Air Force Officer’s Wife


This funny incident happened almost 32 years back immediately after my marriage, and it still brings a smile on my face when I think of it .

We got married on 16th Nov 1984 in Delhi . After three days of our marriage, my husband, an IAF officer, had to report to his unit in Chandigarh on 19th Nov. It was a very important day of his life as he was being awarded a CAS commendation. It also happened to be his last day in the station. He was the most pampered bachelor there, who never believed in having his meals in the mess.

Since we were there only for a day, everybody wanted to call us over. All I remember is going to so many officers’ houses for a short time. I was really touched by the love and affection they showered on us.

Around lunch time, my husband dropped me at his friend’s place and left to finish his work. While I was sitting there chatting with his friend’s wife, a person came in with a circular which mentioned that the station will be welcoming Mrs Gulati at 7.30 pm in the Ante room. Hearing her read the circular while signing it, I happened to ask her, “Who’s Mrs Gulati?  She burst out laughing, saying, “It’s you of course! It’s your welcome party.”

I was really embarrassed. In my 4 days of marriage I had not realised that I had now become Mrs Anuradha Gulati!!!

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