The Joy of Giving


Festival time is a time for celebration and self-indulgence. We go all out buying gold, silver, new electronic items, household stuff, new clothes, crackers, mithais and what have you.  All this gives us so much pleasure!

But there is one thing that is more gratifying than all of this and that is the joy of giving. If you can bring a smile to one child’s face, light up one house, feed one hungry soul or clothe one naked body, the happiness that you will feel will be unparalleled by anything else.

Once during a particularly cold winter, a friend of mine and I decided to distribute woollen blankets to the cold and the homeless. One night, we drove around town, stopping frequently to give blankets to homeless people sleeping on the pavements, shivering in the cold. I cannot explain the wonderful feeling we experienced by this simple act of kindness. The look of gratitude on the faces of those unfortunate souls brought a warm glow to our hearts.

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”
― Ben Carson

This holds true for me, personally, as I feel happier giving to others rather than taking from them.

The therapeutic benefits of helping others have long been recognised by people.

Only those that are moved by compassion will reach out to help others. Charity is an important tenet in every religion because compassion is essential for spiritual life. Daan in Hinduism and Buddhism, tithes and offerings in Christianity; zakat in Islam, all major religions uphold the philosophy of giving.  According to research, altruistic behaviour has innumerable emotional and physical benefits — it makes our lives happier, fulfilled and more meaningful.

Compassion, it is rightly believed, is a two-way street. For all the sadness, poverty and distress in this world, each one of us possesses unlimited ways of helping, of making a positive difference.

If I were a billionaire,
I would wash the earth
And clean the air,
The ills of this world
Would I repair.
No child would go without a meal.
No one’s fate would poverty seal.
If I were a billionaire,
Yes, I would dare to share!

By Sonia Menghani

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