A New Learning Experience


Recently I happened to be visiting my son in U.S.A. Since he had moved to a new place to start his first job after college, he needed to buy some furniture. I decided to help out. The first thing we needed to buy was a bed. I thought I would explore sites like Walmart Ikea and Amazon, and just order a bed. But I was in for a rude shock!  It was not as simple as it seemed! In America people are really spoilt for choice. There was so much to choose from. Let me start with the sizes first. There was a twin size, a full size, a queen size, a king size and a California king size. After much deliberation we zeroed in on the queen size. Then came the bed types. There were standard beds, platform beds, storage beds, sleigh beds, headboards, slat beds, box beds, canopy beds, basic beds and slated bed bases. To be able to make a choice I had to actually do a bit of research. I found that the bed could be bought part by part. You could buy a bed frame and then attach a headboard to it. Then you needed to buy slats or a slated frame on which the box spring would rest and then finally the mattress. Well once that was done we had to order a mattress. And again I was lost as I had to choose between  innerspring mattress, open spring mattress, mattress without spring, latex foam mattress, memory foam mattress and the list went on. After reading the reviews about each type we decided to order the memory foam mattress. Finally, happy with our choice, we waited for the delivery of the items which arrived in a box. You must be wondering how we assembled the bed. Well! that’s a different story for another time!

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