The Landscape Artist – Usha Deshpande

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

Usha Deshpande has been in the field of garden landscaping for the last 30 years. She specializes in small scale projects like bungalow gardens, farm houses, terraces and balcony gardens.

She has a  passion for art, that is why all her gardens have a strong aesthetic appeal.

Usha was introduced to gardening by her mother, who was one of the first ladies to learn the art of Bonsai in Mumbai.

Usha’s love for gardening flowered and soon became a passion. Then it was just a matter of time before her passion became her profession.

She took special training from the renowned landscape designer, Mrs. Shreya Dalal. She also attended many workshops conducted by masters from Japan, Singapore and Phillipines.

Usha has also attended an international conference in garden art in Japan. She has travelled to Singapore, UK, Austria and USA to study world famous gardens.

Her list of clients includes an impressive Who’s Who of Pune. She has done the following projects-

  1. Mrs. Narayan’s bungalow in Ambrosia.
  2. Mrs. Anu Aga’s bungalow on Boat Club Road
  3. Thermax Guest House and the new Thermax office
  4. Mr. Pravin Lunkad’s bungalow in Koregaon Park.
  5. Mr. Deepak Mehta’s bungalow in Koregaon Park {Deepak Fertilizer)
  6. Mr. Pravin Agarwal’s bungalow in Koregaon Park (Sterlite)
  7. Mr. Hingorani’s farmhouse (Indiana Group)
  8. Atlas Copco

Her talent is indeed noteworthy. So in case you want to use her expertise to spruce up and beautify your bungalow gardens, terrace gardens or even your apartment balconies, you can get in touch with her.

Usha Deshpande

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