Sleep…………what’s that?


What is it with this generation and sleep?

The youngsters today think sleeping is a waste of time. They fight sleep with all their might. Even if they are feeling sleepy, sleeping early is just not their style. They have to be awake because their friends are not sleeping. Their online status should be active. It’s a question of peer pressure after all. Your friends will think you are a sissy if you are not awake till 4 a.m. every morning.

Today it is every parent’s nightmare to see their kids keep awake the whole night and then drive away to their school/college/job in a semi- conscious state thus putting their lives in danger.

Research shows that lack of sleep is one of the commonest cause of accidents on the road as well as in your work place. In fact they say that driving in a drowsy state can be compared to drunk driving! With the given state of our roads and traffic today, you need to have all your wits around you when you drive, but if you have not had your sleep and your mind is not rested, it is bound to affect your reaction time thus landing you into trouble.

Skimping on sleep makes you groggy, unfocused and sluggish thus affecting your performance and productivity. Besides this, lack of sleep impairs your alertness, concentration and decision making abilities. It also affects your memory and makes you forgetful.

On a more serious note, chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for high blood pressure, stroke, heart ailments and diabetes. Irregular hours of sleep also affects your digestion. Over time sleep disorders can lead to depression as insomnia and depression feed on each other.

Lack of sleep also makes you age faster. Haven’t you heard of the importance of getting your beauty sleep.

So getting your 8 hours of sleep is important and sleeping the right eight hours is very crucial. You cannot keep awake all night and sleep during the day.  In fact sleeping after the sun has risen in the sky is bad for health. But today’s generation is turning nocturnal in their habits. They are most active at night but lethargic during the day.

I guess, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is just not their thing!

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