One good turn deserves another!


Today I came across an interesting video on Facebook called “The Kindness Boomerang” made by Life Vest Inside which is a grassroots organization based in New York City whose goal is simply to encourage the spreading of happiness through small acts of kindness.

Their mission is to EMPOWER and UNITE the world with KINDNESS. Life Vest Inside inspires people to recognize the potential they have to affect real and positive change in this world through kindness.

The video shows how an act of kindness done by one person starts a chain reaction and goes from one person to another to another until finally it comes back to the person who had started it all. Hence the name “boomerang”. It is a very touching video. It proves that when you do a good turn to someone you actually touch his heart. You bring about a change in him and put him in a benevolent state of mind and then, he in turn, wants to do something good for someone else.

Can you imagine a world where everyone is being kind to the next person and in the process spreading so much cheer and happiness that the world becomes a much better place to live in?

The good thing about being kind to others is that it makes you feel good about yourself too. You get a sense of achievement and a certain degree of satisfaction when you help someone or are nice to someone.

Now let us discuss the science of kindness. Being kind encourages the secretion of serotonin, a hormone which heals wounds, calms you down and makes you happy. This not only affects the giver but the receiver, too. Kindness also promotes the release of endorphins which are known as the brain’s natural pain killers and oxytocin, the cuddle hormone which increases immunity.  Being kind causes 23% less cortisol to be produced so that is good as cortisol is the infamous stress hormone. Kindness causes the production of twice the amount of “dhea” which is the hormone that slows down aging.

So I guess, doing acts of kindness is good for everybody’s health and happiness.

Today, November the 13th is WORLD KINDNESS DAY. On this day let us all pledge to be kind to one and sundry. Let us do these small acts of kindness towards our fellow human beings and start these never-ending chain reactions.

You are welcome to share your kind deeds with us below!

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  1. The thought is very encouraging and moral boosting and if practiced religiously will make the world a better place to live in.

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