There’s more in store, Mom Dearest!


Recently I attended a “godh bharai” or baby shower of my friend’s daughter-in-law. In the course of the evening I heard varied people telling her that now it was just a matter of two months and then it would all be over.

Strangely that remark transported me back to the time when I was expecting my first baby. During the pregnancy, my life was so full of all sorts of worries and anxieties. It was always “do this” and “don’t do this”. When I finally delivered, I heaved a sigh of relief and told the doctor ”Thank God, it is over”. The wise grey haired doctor smiled and told me gently that this was only the beginning and the real tough time lay ahead.

How true were her words! I soon realised this as I was caught up in a whirlwind of washing nappies, sterilising feeding bottles and preparing midnight feeds. When my son gave up the feeding bottle, I was happy thinking that now I won’t have to sterilise bottles any more. But my relief was short lived as I realised exactly how difficult it was and how long it took to feed him milk from a glass!

When he learnt to walk, the problem of carrying him everywhere was replaced by chasing him everywhere. He soon learnt to climb all over the place and I learnt to keep all breakable items out of his reach.

Soon I began coaching him for school admissions. That was a tough time. I told myself that once he got into a good school my problems would be over. When finally this did happen, I realised that there was still much to worry about- the homework, the school projects, the exams and so on.

Life took many twists and turns and soon my son was a strappy 11 year old who was quite independent in many ways. I thought that now I could sit back and relax. Just then a harassed mother of a 14 year old told me what a trying times the teens were!   After that came the college admissions, the search for a job, the marriage and now I am waiting for the grand children to arrive…………..I guess I still have a long way to go!

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