The Importance of Saying “Sorry”


The word sorry is a common, familiar word which is very powerful and magical. In our day to day life we use it often. Well-mannered individuals say sorry spontaneously when they bump into someone or step on somebody’s foot.

It is however in the larger, more serious sense that a heartfelt apology plays an important role.

We need to say sorry when our words or actions have harmed someone. If something we have said has upset someone, we need to say sorry. If something we have done has hurt someone, we need to say sorry. If we have misunderstood someone, we need to say sorry. If we have blamed someone wrongly we need to say sorry.

An apology must not simply be a means to get out of a difficult situation. The mere utterance of the word without sincerity or really feeling sorry is of no use. It takes great courage to face the victim of our wrong doing and apologise. It is generally seen that those who are in harmony with their life and themselves find it easier to apologise. They are the ones who are at peace only after making amends for their mistakes

Saying sorry does not cost much but achieves much. Within a fraction of a second, grave mistakes are diluted, hurting relationships are repaired, differences are dissolved, misunderstandings cleared and tense situations eased. By saying sorry we rid ourselves of guilt. Moreover, a person who apologizes is at peace with himself.

But apologizing for most people is not easy due to ego, age, social status, stubbornness or insensitivity. Many times we do not apologize because we justify our wrongs.

We should teach children the importance of saying sorry so that they cultivate this habit from a very young age and grow up to be better human beings.

Apologizing is a humbling experience which cleanses us and helps us in bettering our relationships with people.

So next time you do something wrong, do not hesitate to say the magic word “sorry”. A heartfelt apology works wonders!

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